Werdenfelser Tracht

The Werdenfelser Tracht is a traditional costume in Bavaria . It is named after the Werdenfelser Land , an Upper Bavarian region that stretches from Mittenwald in the south to Farchant . It includes parts of the Bavarian Alps . The Werdenfelser costume is one of the Upper Bavarian mountain costumes. It is therefore similar to the Miesbach costume , but differs in a few striking points.

The women wear a dark green hat with down. They are adorned with a long bodice chain and hairpins and scarf pins. All jewelry is made of silver steel. The men wear a deerskin one shorts embroidered in green or, more rarely, yellow. On festive days, the dark green velor hat is adorned with either down, Schneidhackl, chamois beard or eagle feathers. On ordinary days, simpler hats made of wool are also worn. In general, the hat shapes are relatively flat and usually have two to three cords as a trimming. The suspenders for holidays, including the breast bar, are mostly hand-decorated with patterns of flowers, such as e.g. B. Gentian, Edelweiß and Almrausch embroidered. However, non-embroidered, leather, brown suspenders with a quill-embroidered bridge are also often worn. In contrast to the more widespread Miesbacher mountain costume, no waistcoat (gilet) is worn and ties are usually multi-colored instead of single-colored.