Common Problems

Edelweiss is a very hardy plant that does not struggle with many pests, diseases, or problems. The biggest issue these tough flowers face is crown rot. Let’s take a closer look at this problem. 

Discoloration Near the Crown and Wilting Foliage

Crown rot is a common ailment of edelweiss and is caused by overly moist, heavy soil conditions. The crown of the plant might appear rotted or discolored and the foliage will begin to wilt. Sadly, there isn’t much to be done for a plant showing signs of advanced crown rot. Remove the plant promptly to prevent the disease from spreading to the surrounding plants. Remove any fallen foliage and clean the area thoroughly. Amend the soil with sand or gravel to encourage proper drainage. Try applying a fungicide to control the disease. To prevent this from occurring, make sure the soil drains well. Water plants early in the day to allow adequate time for the foliage to dry.